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Chinese Dominoes

Chinese dominoes are distinct from the common set of Western dominoes in various ways. The only similarity that are common in them is the fact that they both are related to a dice, being designed from a hard black stuff and having their spots drilled through the exterior and then tinted to be more visible.

Compared to the double-squared shape of the European sets, Chinese sets are extended and tighter. This is simply for the reason that they are used to create melds and cumulative scores rather than creating series of tiles. They are shaped as such in order for many of them to be held at the same time, so most pieces measure nearly one inch wide and close to 2.5 inches long.

The dividing bar in the middle which segregates the two edges are absent in Chinese dominoes. Rather they are set aside by distance, groupings or colors. Easy recognition of the edges is not relevant because play is dependent on the total number of pips.

The one pip and four pip are colored red in accordance with Chinese dice standards. The remaining pips are whitish, with the exception of the double six. Ina double six, the two edges are separated by three pips colored white and red per cluster, respectively. Pairs are displayed such as two whitish spots next to each other on the farther end, not diagonally similar to Western dominoes and dice. Blank tiles are absent. The one has a large red spot in the Korean set again in accordance with Chinese dice standards. The three pips follows a diagonal pattern, with the exclusion of the double three dominoes, in which the pattern follows a two horizontal, two vertical and two horizontal.

In contrast to Western dominoes, the Chinese set do not have a blank tile. There are 28 tiles in the Western set in the regular double six version while there are 32 tiles in the Chinese version. The tradition determines the position, name, shade and pattern of pips in the Chinese set. The Chinese variations place high importance in the total amount of pips; sum is not relevant to the amount on separate halves of the tile in many Western domino games.

The improved features of Western dominoes have one spinner in the center of their dividing bar. This is a minute, metallic, rounded nail top that prevents the tile face from rubbing on the top of the table when jumbled and enables them to rotate so they can mix better. The face of Chinese dominoes are always flat. They are shuffled in the same way as Western dominoes, however, Western dominoes are spread loosely on the top of the table in a boneyard, Chinese version creates a woodpile by piling consecutive dominoes in an altitude that may differ each game.

The hands for the play are arranged from the woodpile by tossing the dice and counting the piles in the woodpile. The first participant takes the pile based on the dice and then individual players takes the succeeding domino.