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Japanese Online Casino Games – Cho Ka Han Ka

The Japanese people has numerous casino games that had been transferred to the Japanese online casinos world; one of these games is Cho Ka Han Ka. This Japanese gambling game is being played for more than 13 centuries and it is very popular at underground Japanese casinos.

The most well-liked dice game is Cho Ka Han Ka which means "odds or even". This dice game is very easy and doesn’t require any special knowledge: 2 dice are shaken in a black cane cup and put on a Tatami (which is a carpet in Japanese).

After that all the punters place their bets on either odds or evens and lay their stakes on the Tatami all at once. The die player then says the following: "That's all, gentlemen" and each person has to take their hands off from the money. Then he says the following: "Play" and at that time he opens the bamboo cup and declares "Chou" or "Han". This Japanese casino games involves high stakes and many times it is run by criminals.