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Softbank is on way to turn out to be Japan's first online casino group to go into the online betting industry in order to diverse their business. As for now officials from the companies have yet to state their moves for 2006, it seems they are waiting to see what the new government's opinion on Japanese online casinos is.

Softbank runs Yahoo's broadband service and is preparing to set up an online casino portal that would present data and commentaries on the races and would make it possible for Japanese to place bets. Softbank are also preparing to broadcast races. The company already came in contact with the Iwate Prefecture Horse Racing Association regarding this issue.

In Softbank's Japanese online casinos would "catch action", as commented by an anonymous manager, they are predicted to generate more than 234 million Yen during the next year. For more information about Japanese online casinos and the industry feel free to browse our site for more information.