Japanese Online Casino

Japanese Casinos and Gambling

Many gamblers that would trip to Japan would find it impossible to find a casino in Japan and in fact there is none, at least legal. In the current status of the law all most gambling activities are forbidden but pachinko parlors (which generates about 34 trillion Yen a year), the national lottery (which generates about 3.1 trillion Yen a year), horse racing (which generates about 3.34 trillion Yen a year), boat and cycling races (which generate about 2 trillion Yen a year together), motor bike racing (which generate about 0.2 trillion Yen a year) and the national Toto (which generate about 32 billion Yen a year).

Though Japanese just love to gamble it seems that in the near future regular Japanese casinos wouldn't be possible to find less you want to gamble illegally. The most accessible and affordable alternative is playing at Japanese online casinos. In fact the Japanese online gaming industry had tripled its size in 2004-2005.

Though there are voices in Japan calling for the legalization of casinos on Japan there is a strong anti-gambling movement in Japan that blocks such ideas to be transferred to the government for a real discussion. But Prime Minister Koizumi is eager to make casinos a real possibility during 2005/6 in order to harvest more taxes, but as for now no one can tell if his wishes for the legalization of Japanese casinos would come true.